The legend of Art, the Pop-Up Jackalope

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Art comes from a long line of famous Jackalope, his great great grandparents where the first Jackalope discovered in Douglas Wyoming by Douglas Herrick. Art’s mother was a gentle tenor that liked to sneak up on cowboys at night and sing along with the campfire cowboys. She was also an artist and taught Art how to paint with his ear–turns out he was left eared.

Art left home at an early age to explore the world, just after he learned about the magic of the Jackalope’s rabbit hole when he watched Alice in Wonderland at the Silver Dollar Drive-In in Albuquerque New Mexico. Art studied the Jackalope Rabbit Hole to uncover its magic and found that he can Pop-Up anywhere, anyplace in anything around the world. What a great adventure! Art, or Pop-UPArt, as he has become known, paints his self portrait every time he pops up in a different place sort of a travel journal.

This is the beginning of his popping around:

Pop-Up Art Visits Pop Art

Because of Art’s love of Paintings particularly the pop-art from the mid to late 1950’s he decided his first experiment would be to Pop-Up in a Pop Art painting, something bright, with simple colors so he wouldn’t get confused. This painting  “Pop-Up Art Visits Pop Art” is hanging at The Mesa Art Center from October 4th thru 10th and will be auctioned on the 10th for charity.

Pop-Up Art in Starry Night

That was so much fun Art wanted to try something more challenging. He was always fascinated by post-Impressionist painters and he always wanted to see New York’s Museum of Modern art so he Popped-Up in Starry Night.  Wow the feelings in that painting were enlightening and strange. This is what Art has painted so far.

Stay tuned for more Adventures of Pop-Up Art