Building my Custom Wood Art Panel

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Using a miter saw I cut all 4 sides of the molding at 45 degrees so outside is the exact size of your hardwood panel.  I cut the long sides exactly the same length, and the short sides are the same length.

Using the miter clamp dry fit the corner and use the level on both sides, make sure the frame is level.

Loosen the short side of the miter clamp and apply a thin coat of wood glue to both ends to be attached.  Tighten the two sides so 45 degree angles are together, flat on top and bottom forming a tight, clean 90 degree “L”. Let dry for about 30 minutes.

Repeat level, glue, drill, and nail so all sides are attached to form the frame. When frame is complete you can place the frame on a flat surface and put weight on the corners to help flatten. When dry I move to next steps.




First I dry fit to make sure the frame fits the art work

Lay the frame on the back of the art and mark . Then apply contact cement to the back of art
Apply the cement to the frame and let the cement to dry about 15 minutes

Place flat sticks like paint stirring paddles to keep the cemented surfaces from touching until aligned. Then carefully remove sticks from one end, as surfaces touch they are attached and can NOT be realigned.

Final Art on Redwood Panel