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TwoWorlds Plot

Steele and Celeste have an ability to cross between dimensions, where they meet deceased grandmother Louise and her mentors Star and Jaguar, advanced souls from the Mayan civilization. These elemental new friends of Louise explain that this plane of existence, named Gaia, is for mankind’s evolution to a higher universal understanding. Secrets to this dimension were given to Steele in notebooks written by Louise before passing on.
In the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, Ian is a technology expert that uses virtual reality to invent a new means of travel that. Ian artificially and unknowingly uses Gaia’s dimension as a springboard to Jump between locations. His estranged father James, becomes an unwitting adversary, gradually turning ally.
A greedy, self-indulgent U.S. Congressional Representative enlists a like-minded government leader and a corrupt FBI agent, then hires a mercenary soldier to steal Ian’s technology to use for his own agenda. Little do they know, or care, that the overuse of this Jump technology will destroy mankind’s ability to evolve. More crucially, souls will be unable to move on when someone dies. Meanwhile, a high-ranking Catholic Bishop in the Opus Dei, has plans to take Ian’s technology for his own twisted papal agenda.
Exciting sub-plots with imaginative characters pit opposing forces against one another. The positive forces include advanced Souls Jaguar, and Star, that along with Louise join forces with Akira, Louise’s young teacher. Added to the mix a Russian shaman, Nikolay Grandstaff; the ancient descendent of the Inca Sun God, Manco Cápac, that returned in spirit to strengthen Ian’s son Alek, and the Aboriginal Elder Max. All of whom recruit Ian and James, Celeste and Steele, along with Walter, a childish IT expert with the U.S. Department of National Security. Finally a powerful reincarnated five year old boy, Little Jake, a regal Collie dog, Isis, and a young Jamacian girl, Fajah, join forces to help find a solution to this abuse of authority and technology.
The abuse is being perpetrated by corrupt negative forces, headed by Speaker of the House, Bodner, FBI agent Duncan, Director of Counter Terrorism Rebel, Naval Seal Commander Gholam, Blackwater mercenary ‘The General,’ Minister Qian of National Defense for the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, and Catholic Bishop Daniel Xavier the Fifth.
This story culminates in a breathtaking battle for mankind’s soul between good and evil that keeps the reader turning pages to the final unexpected climax.


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Tilly–Before and After

This is the second in a series of before and after
Sometimes combining the best attributes from more than one image.
The following is an example of Tilly’s before and after

You are welcome to send me your pet’s photo and I’ll give you a no obligation quote.

There is still time for that special holiday gift.




Jake–Before and After

I have been asked what I work from to paint the pet portraits.
People send me photos of their pets and I choose between 4 or 5 images.
Sometimes combining the best attributes from more than one image.
The following is an example of Jake’s before and after


image[1] image[2]

Paint With Words

All of my life, I have manipulated ink, oil, acrylic and watercolor paints, pencil, charcoal, pastels and even wax to create an images.

Recent years have discovered a new medium with which to express myself. Words–strung–together, much like brush strokes, and color, can create vivid images. Words, as do paintings, portray scenes only limited by the viewer–readers imagination.

Yet with this new medium, a paradox emerges. Both liberating and confining in the same.

You judge



Art In Environments

Showing RB Anderson’s work
in different actual environments
to show size and style.

Wild Spirit in Dining Room

Wild Spirit in Dining Room

    Wild Spirit in Formal Dining Room

Wild Spirit in Formal Dining Room



Blue Lava Square Lamp - LuminArt in Family Room

Blue Lava Square Lamp – LuminArt in Family Room

Blue Lave Round Lamp - LuminArt in Office

Blue Lave Round Lamp – LuminArt in Office


Blue Lave 16" Tall Round -LunimArt

Blue Lave 16″ Tall Round -LunimArt

Blue Lava Lamp-Shade - LuminArt Creations

Blue Lava Lamp-Shade – LuminArt Creations



LuminArt Creations

Sails - a LuminArt Creation by RB Anderson

Blue Lava a LuminArt Creation by RB Anderson •SOLD

By RBAnderson


This is the most recent LuminArt custom lighting art creation in the series. Handmade paper infused with a custom colored encaustics mixture. Inspired by nature the lamp is created by aspen wood, bark and branches gathered by RBAnderson. The handmade paper shade incorporates aspen bark, branches wrap around the shade, giving this recent creation a organic natural feel.


The next picture “Sails is a wall sculpture, being created for a nautical enthusiast.

Sails - a LuminArt Creation: by RB Anderson

Sails – a LuminArt Creation: by RB Anderson
Dimensions 5′ 2″ X 4′ tall

First shots of the new lighted wall sculpture, “Sails. The finished work will be lit with remote dimming LED strip lighting.

Blue Lava-LuninArt on Fireplace Mantel: RB Anderson

Blue Lava – LuninArt on Fireplace Mantel: RB Anderson


LuminArt-Stairs-Prototype: by RB Anderson

LuminArt Stairs – Prototype: by RB Anderson

Blue Lava Lamp-Shade: by RB Anderson

Rose Petal and Type: by RB Anderson

Rose Petal and Type: by RB Anderson • SOLD

Inquiries for custom proposals welcomed.

















Whitehills Gallery Show

Gallery showing from January 25th through March 7, 2013 in Camp Verde

It is a beautiful drive to Camp Verde where you will find White Hills Gallery an oasis of art in the high desert. The Ambiguous Color show at the White Hills Gallery  Celebrated the 1 Year Anniversary.

Thanks to everyone that visited the show and viewed these original works by RB Anderson:


White Hills Gallery is an art gallery located in Camp Verde, Arizona.
Opened January 2012, White Hills Gallery’s mission is to bring focus and draw attention to the
international and national contemporary art scene of today, as well as pay tribute to the local Verde Valley artists.

Through scheduled events, White Hills Gallery hopes to showcase the contemporary art scene of today,
and bring communities together by creating art.

Visit the White Hills Gallery in Camp Verde.

Blue Skies Auction – Benefit Crisis Nursery


“The Long Wait” 24″ x 24″

RB Anderson is proud to announce he has donated a commissioned work of art (bidders choice of subject) for the Blue Skies auction. The proceeds from the auction will benefit Crisis Nursery who provides a safe haven for thousands of children.

During the Blue Skies Evening take 20% off “The Long Wait” and Crisis Nursery will receive 30% as an additional donation. –Plus– Mention Blue Skies and the same great offer is available for existing work or new commissions when purchased now through March 31st. (Offer not available for work currently hanging in galleries)

Please support the Crisis Nursery through purchasing a work of art for your family to enjoy. You can attend the BlueSkies event by going to Crisis Nursery’s website at:

Saturday, February 23, 2013
4949 East Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona

Don’t miss your chance to place the winning bid at the Auction for a work of art by RB Anderson along with many other valuable items including a 2013 Cadillac ATS from Lund Cadillac.

Additional work on display during the evening.

11" x 15" Watercolor ° Sold 22" x 15" Watercolor

Sparky (Left) and Bob Marley (Right) are in Private Collections – Not for sale