TwoWorlds The Art of Love

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Steele and Celeste have an ability to cross between dimensions, where they meet deceased grandmother Louise and her mentors Star and Jaguar, advanced souls from the Mayan civilization. These elemental new friends of Louise explain that this plane of existence, named Gaia, is for mankind’s evolution to a higher universal understanding. Secrets to this dimension were given to Steele in notebooks written by Louise before passing on.
In the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, Ian is a technology expert that uses virtual reality to invent a new means of travel that. Ian artificially and unknowingly uses Gaia’s dimension as a springboard to Jump between locations. His estranged father James, becomes an unwitting adversary, gradually turning ally.
A greedy, self-indulgent U.S. Congressional Representative enlists a like-minded government leader and a corrupt FBI agent, then hires a mercenary soldier to steal Ian’s technology to use for his own agenda. Little do they know, or care, that the overuse of this Jump technology will destroy mankind’s ability to evolve. More crucially, souls will be unable to move on when someone dies. Meanwhile, a high-ranking Catholic Bishop in the Opus Dei, has plans to take Ian’s technology for his own twisted papal agenda.
Exciting sub-plots with imaginative characters pit opposing forces against one another. The positive forces include advanced Souls Jaguar, and Star, that along with Louise join forces with Akira, Louise’s young teacher. Added to the mix a Russian shaman, Nikolay Grandstaff; the ancient descendent of the Inca Sun God, Manco Cápac, that returned in spirit to strengthen Ian’s son Alek, and the Aboriginal Elder Max. All of whom recruit Ian and James, Celeste and Steele, along with Walter, a childish IT expert with the U.S. Department of National Security. Finally a powerful reincarnated five year old boy, Little Jake, a regal Collie dog, Isis, and a young Jamacian girl, Fajah, join forces to help find a solution to this abuse of authority and technology.
The abuse is being perpetrated by corrupt negative forces, headed by Speaker of the House, Bodner, FBI agent Duncan, Director of Counter Terrorism Rebel, Naval Seal Commander Gholam, Blackwater mercenary ‘The General,’ Minister Qian of National Defense for the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, and Catholic Bishop Daniel Xavier the Fifth.
This story culminates in a breathtaking battle for mankind’s soul between good and evil that keeps the reader turning pages to the final unexpected climax.

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