Two Worlds Novel

From the exciting new author, R.B. Anderson, the engrossing, impossible to put down, and sure-to-be bestseller about a young couple who wander into another dimension where our souls go after death, and there they find their deceased grandmother.

Steele and Celeste soon learn that they have a unique ability to cross between dimensions, where they meet  advanced souls Star and Jaguar, who explain that this plane of existence is mankind’s evolution to a higher universal understanding. Secrets to this dimension were given to them in notebooks written by grandmother Louise before passing on.

In the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, a technology wizard has invented a means of travel that artificially uses this higher dimension as a Jump between locations.  U.S. Representative Bodner, a greedy, self indulgent hypocrite enlists another corrupt government official, an FBI agent and a mercenary group to steal the technology to use for his own agenda.  Little does he know, or care, that the overuse of this Jump technology will destroy mankind’s ability to evolve.  More crucially, souls will be unable to move on when someone dies.

Anderson’s stunning sense of humor and writing style weave a tale of political, religious, and social issues facing modern man that transcends dimensions against all odds, to conclude this novel with a stunning climax.  Two Worlds is a moving, magnificent novel from a newcomer whose imagination will thrill his readers.


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