Building my Custom Wood Art Panel


Using a miter saw I cut all 4 sides of the molding at 45 degrees so outside is the exact size of your hardwood panel.  I cut the long sides exactly the same length, and the short sides are the same length.

Using the miter clamp dry fit the corner and use the level on both sides, make sure the frame is level.

Loosen the short side of the miter clamp and apply a thin coat of wood glue to both ends to be attached.  Tighten the two sides so 45 degree angles are together, flat on top and bottom forming a tight, clean 90 degree “L”. Let dry for about 30 minutes.

Repeat level, glue, drill, and nail so all sides are attached to form the frame. When frame is complete you can place the frame on a flat surface and put weight on the corners to help flatten. When dry I move to next steps.




First I dry fit to make sure the frame fits the art work

Lay the frame on the back of the art and mark . Then apply contact cement to the back of art
Apply the cement to the frame and let the cement to dry about 15 minutes

Place flat sticks like paint stirring paddles to keep the cemented surfaces from touching until aligned. Then carefully remove sticks from one end, as surfaces touch they are attached and can NOT be realigned.

Final Art on Redwood Panel


These works of art, are the embryos of my new series.

Painting in this series are based on the central theme 
Perceptions of Understanding

Universal Communication

Universal Communication

RB Anderson with new series

Image of RBA with “Perception e-21-Reality” and “Active Imagination”

"Perceptions e21-Reality" full image by RB Anderson

“Perceptions e21-Reality” (full image)

"Perceptions e21-Reality" (detail-top) by RB Anderson

“Perceptions e21-Reality” (detail-top)

"Perception e-21" detail middle

“Perception e-21-Reality” (detail middle)

"Perceptions e21-Reality detail-bottom by RB Anderson

“Perceptions e21-Reality” (detail-bottom)

Active Imagination by RB Anderson

“Active Imagination”
the image changes when the light source moves.
11.5″ x 30″

Active Imagination by RB Anderson

“Active Imagination” – (bottom light)
the image changes when the light source moves.
11.5″ x 30″

Artlink Phoenix

Friends at Artlink Gallery Opening

Artlink invites you to Articipate in the Creative Community

A 32-year 501(c)3 nonprofit organization born from artists, Artlink Inc. supports the stakeholders of the arts and culture community, amplifying its collective strength. The Artlink name is a guiding principal for the mission of keeping the arts integral to development by connecting artists, business and community.


Artlink’s Articipant Program invites artists, arts venues, arts and culture organizations, and arts supporting businesses to sign up as contributors to our culture. This identification of engaged stakeholders speaks to the depth of our talent pool, highlights business interest, and the strength of collaboration.




If you agree – Take a selfie and Share your Image and thoughts.

As our friend Laurie said it during these uncertain times – “Who is speaking, our ego or our heart? We follow the truth in our heart. Our heart shares inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, and supporting wisdom. The ego shares worries, concerns, insecurities, self-doubts, anxieties, and fears. Which do we give more “air-time” to?

We can be informed, stay home, wash our hands, wear our masks, be prudent about social distancing without panic and total fear.”

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Art Prints

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Tilly–Before and After

This is the second in a series of before and after
Sometimes combining the best attributes from more than one image.
The following is an example of Tilly’s before and after

You are welcome to send me your pet’s photo and I’ll give you a no obligation quote.

There is still time for that special holiday gift.




LuminArt Creations

Sails - a LuminArt Creation by RB Anderson

Blue Lava a LuminArt Creation by RB Anderson •SOLD

By RBAnderson


This is the most recent LuminArt custom lighting art creation in the series. Handmade paper infused with a custom colored encaustics mixture. Inspired by nature the lamp is created by aspen wood, bark and branches gathered by RBAnderson. The handmade paper shade incorporates aspen bark, branches wrap around the shade, giving this recent creation a organic natural feel.


The next picture “Sails is a wall sculpture, being created for a nautical enthusiast.

Sails - a LuminArt Creation: by RB Anderson

Sails – a LuminArt Creation: by RB Anderson
Dimensions 5′ 2″ X 4′ tall

First shots of the new lighted wall sculpture, “Sails. The finished work will be lit with remote dimming LED strip lighting.

Blue Lava-LuninArt on Fireplace Mantel: RB Anderson

Blue Lava – LuninArt on Fireplace Mantel: RB Anderson


LuminArt-Stairs-Prototype: by RB Anderson

LuminArt Stairs – Prototype: by RB Anderson

Blue Lava Lamp-Shade: by RB Anderson

Rose Petal and Type: by RB Anderson

Rose Petal and Type: by RB Anderson • SOLD

Inquiries for custom proposals welcomed.

















Whitehills Gallery Show

Gallery showing from January 25th through March 7, 2013 in Camp Verde

It is a beautiful drive to Camp Verde where you will find White Hills Gallery an oasis of art in the high desert. The Ambiguous Color show at the White Hills Gallery  Celebrated the 1 Year Anniversary.

Thanks to everyone that visited the show and viewed these original works by RB Anderson:


White Hills Gallery is an art gallery located in Camp Verde, Arizona.
Opened January 2012, White Hills Gallery’s mission is to bring focus and draw attention to the
international and national contemporary art scene of today, as well as pay tribute to the local Verde Valley artists.

Through scheduled events, White Hills Gallery hopes to showcase the contemporary art scene of today,
and bring communities together by creating art.

Visit the White Hills Gallery in Camp Verde.

Blue Skies Auction – Benefit Crisis Nursery


“The Long Wait” 24″ x 24″

RB Anderson is proud to announce he has donated a commissioned work of art (bidders choice of subject) for the Blue Skies auction. The proceeds from the auction will benefit Crisis Nursery who provides a safe haven for thousands of children.

During the Blue Skies Evening take 20% off “The Long Wait” and Crisis Nursery will receive 30% as an additional donation. –Plus– Mention Blue Skies and the same great offer is available for existing work or new commissions when purchased now through March 31st. (Offer not available for work currently hanging in galleries)

Please support the Crisis Nursery through purchasing a work of art for your family to enjoy. You can attend the BlueSkies event by going to Crisis Nursery’s website at:

Saturday, February 23, 2013
4949 East Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona

Don’t miss your chance to place the winning bid at the Auction for a work of art by RB Anderson along with many other valuable items including a 2013 Cadillac ATS from Lund Cadillac.

Additional work on display during the evening.

11" x 15" Watercolor ° Sold 22" x 15" Watercolor

Sparky (Left) and Bob Marley (Right) are in Private Collections – Not for sale