Paint With Words

All of my life, I have manipulated ink, oil, acrylic and watercolor paints, pencil, charcoal, pastels and even wax to create an images.

Recent years have discovered a new medium with which to express myself. Words–strung–together, much like brush strokes, and color, can create vivid images. Words, as do paintings, portray scenes only limited by the viewer–readers imagination.

Yet with this new medium, a paradox emerges. Both liberating and confining in the same.

You judge


Art In Environments

Showing RB Anderson’s work
in different actual environments
to show size and style.

Ken’s Family

Four Planets – Lamp Shares

Wild Spirit in Dining Room

Wild Spirit in Dining Room

 Wild Spirit in Formal Dining Room

Wild Spirit in Formal Dining Room



Blue Lava Square Lamp - LuminArt in Family Room

Blue Lava Square Lamp – LuminArt in Family Room

Blue Lave Round Lamp - LuminArt in Office

Blue Lave Round Lamp – LuminArt in Office


Blue Lave 16" Tall Round -LunimArt

Blue Lave 16″ Tall Round -LunimArt

Blue Lava Lamp-Shade



LuminArt Creations

Sails - a LuminArt Creation by RB Anderson

Blue Lava a LuminArt Creation by RB Anderson •SOLD

By RBAnderson


This is the most recent LuminArt custom lighting art creation in the series. Handmade paper infused with a custom colored encaustics mixture. Inspired by nature the lamp is created by aspen wood, bark and branches gathered by RBAnderson. The handmade paper shade incorporates aspen bark, branches wrap around the shade, giving this recent creation a organic natural feel.


The next picture “Sails is a wall sculpture, being created for a nautical enthusiast.

Sails - a LuminArt Creation: by RB Anderson

Sails – a LuminArt Creation: by RB Anderson
Dimensions 5′ 2″ X 4′ tall

First shots of the new lighted wall sculpture, “Sails. The finished work will be lit with remote dimming LED strip lighting.

Blue Lava-LuninArt on Fireplace Mantel: RB Anderson

Blue Lava – LuninArt on Fireplace Mantel: RB Anderson


LuminArt-Stairs-Prototype: by RB Anderson

LuminArt Stairs – Prototype: by RB Anderson

Blue Lava Lamp-Shade: by RB Anderson

Rose Petal and Type: by RB Anderson

Rose Petal and Type: by RB Anderson • SOLD

Inquiries for custom proposals welcomed.

















Whitehills Gallery Show

Gallery showing from January 25th through March 7, 2013 in Camp Verde

It is a beautiful drive to Camp Verde where you will find White Hills Gallery an oasis of art in the high desert. The Ambiguous Color show at the White Hills Gallery  Celebrated the 1 Year Anniversary.

Thanks to everyone that visited the show and viewed these original works by RB Anderson:


White Hills Gallery is an art gallery located in Camp Verde, Arizona.
Opened January 2012, White Hills Gallery’s mission is to bring focus and draw attention to the
international and national contemporary art scene of today, as well as pay tribute to the local Verde Valley artists.

Through scheduled events, White Hills Gallery hopes to showcase the contemporary art scene of today,
and bring communities together by creating art.

Visit the White Hills Gallery in Camp Verde.

Blue Skies Auction – Benefit Crisis Nursery


“The Long Wait” 24″ x 24″

RB Anderson is proud to announce he has donated a commissioned work of art (bidders choice of subject) for the Blue Skies auction. The proceeds from the auction will benefit Crisis Nursery who provides a safe haven for thousands of children.

During the Blue Skies Evening take 20% off “The Long Wait” and Crisis Nursery will receive 30% as an additional donation. –Plus– Mention Blue Skies and the same great offer is available for existing work or new commissions when purchased now through March 31st. (Offer not available for work currently hanging in galleries)

Please support the Crisis Nursery through purchasing a work of art for your family to enjoy. You can attend the BlueSkies event by going to Crisis Nursery’s website at:

Saturday, February 23, 2013
4949 East Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona

Don’t miss your chance to place the winning bid at the Auction for a work of art by RB Anderson along with many other valuable items including a 2013 Cadillac ATS from Lund Cadillac.

Additional work on display during the evening.

11" x 15" Watercolor ° Sold 22" x 15" Watercolor

Sparky (Left) and Bob Marley (Right) are in Private Collections – Not for sale

Protect & Present Your Watercolor Without A Frame

“The Ozanam Manor Project”

Step-By-Step video showing how to mount a watercolor painting to a wood panel apply a UV coating and bees wax for a lustrous finish.

The example shown is Arizona Diamondbacks Aaron Hill Autographed Commemorative Home Plate, painted by RB Anderson. It’s available for bid at the D-Backs Give Back League’s Home Plate Project on-line auction. The on-line auction is a fundraiser that will benefit Ozanam Manor. To place your bid go to: Arizona Diamondbacks Give Back League’s Home Plate Project , it’s for a good cause.

AZ Diamondbacksl Autographed Commemorative Home Plate

Arizona Diamondbacks Aaron Hill
Original Painting by: RB Anderson

by RB Anderson – Auctioned to help Ozanam Manor

Thanks to all that bid on the plates. The Diamondbacks Home Plate Project raised enough funds to renovate all of Ozanam Manor in an “Extreme Home Makeover” style.

Arizona Diamondbacks Aaron Hill Autographed Commemorative Home Plate by RB Anderson was auctioned at the D-Backs Give Back League’s Home Plate Project on-line auction. The on-line auction is a fundraiser that will benefit Ozanam Manor.

RBA is proud to support the Home Plate Project. Mr. Anderson’s donation is a Commemorative Plate celebrating Aaron Hill’s accomplishment as the fourth player in MLB history to hit for two cycles in the same season. This original painting, autographed by Aaron Hill and signed by RB Anderson, is certain to become a sports collectible.

If you are an organization working to help our society contact me and we’ll see about donating a painting or limited edition set of prints for your auction! Keep up the good work.

The legend of Art, the Pop-Up Jackalope

Art comes from a long line of famous Jackalope, his great great grandparents where the first Jackalope discovered in Douglas Wyoming by Douglas Herrick. Art’s mother was a gentle tenor that liked to sneak up on cowboys at night and sing along with the campfire cowboys. She was also an artist and taught Art how to paint with his ear–turns out he was left eared.

Art left home at an early age to explore the world, just after he learned about the magic of the Jackalope’s rabbit hole when he watched Alice in Wonderland at the Silver Dollar Drive-In in Albuquerque New Mexico. Art studied the Jackalope Rabbit Hole to uncover its magic and found that he can Pop-Up anywhere, anyplace in anything around the world. What a great adventure! Art, or Pop-UPArt, as he has become known, paints his self portrait every time he pops up in a different place sort of a travel journal.

This is the beginning of his popping around:

Pop-Up Art Visits Pop Art

Because of Art’s love of Paintings particularly the pop-art from the mid to late 1950’s he decided his first experiment would be to Pop-Up in a Pop Art painting, something bright, with simple colors so he wouldn’t get confused. This painting  “Pop-Up Art Visits Pop Art” is hanging at The Mesa Art Center from October 4th thru 10th and will be auctioned on the 10th for charity.

Pop-Up Art in Starry Night

That was so much fun Art wanted to try something more challenging. He was always fascinated by post-Impressionist painters and he always wanted to see New York’s Museum of Modern art so he Popped-Up in Starry Night.  Wow the feelings in that painting were enlightening and strange. This is what Art has painted so far.

Stay tuned for more Adventures of Pop-Up Art

You can tell a person by their eyes.

You can always tell a person by their eyes.

Through the eyes a persons true spirit – their soul is reflected. I strive through my current artwork portraits to reveal glimpses of that persons spirit brought to life in paint.

When you see the luster of the pure colors returning the light from the surface of the once white canvas, my desire is that the viewer will feel something. Will be moved, and see the spirit told by that individual. My ambition is that each painting, as with a glance from every person, will give a glimpse of that unique story.

Thanks for visiting




Step-By Step Watercolor Canvas by RB Anderson



Step 1:

Start the watercolor portrait by lightly drawing your subject in pencil and rough in background. Note: As you work always step back and decide what and where your next brush stroke will be. Consider the shape of the stroke, color, value, and how they all work together. Take more time making decisions and less time painting.



Step 2:
Lay in light values to begin shaping the face.

Moxie Step 3


Step 3:
Continue with the lighter shades and begin working in darker values.
Note: Consider the balance and weight of each stroke take into consideration placement of color, value, and how they all work together. Again take more time making decisions and less time painting.



Step 4:
Start to include the shadow areas



Step 5:
Continue with the shadow areas and darker values, then begin to include details.



Step 6:
Continue with the details. Note: Do Not Overwork – Think more – Paint less.

Final Step Varnish

Final Step & Varnish

Final Step:
After careful scrutiny and when the piece is complete spray surface with a permanent fixative. There are many to choose from mat, gloss etc. Experiment with a sample to make sure you like the product and finish.